About Us

About us

We do the research of top quality fashions and fabrics so you don't have to!

Two moms, Tanielle and Letitia decided to take on a new venture in life bringing fun, swag and edgy clothing to the South African (and Worldwide) market.

Tanielle, mom to 3 year old Zach, who is an energetic, loving and stylish little boy that is so full of life with a smile that lights up every room he enters. Letitia, mom to 1 and a half year old Lily, who is a true little fashionista with the biggest heart and the most fearless nature, sure to take over the world one day. Tanielle and Letitia have been friends for over 10 years and since becoming mommies and noticing the lack of fashionable, swag yet comfortable clothing for little ones in SA, decided that in order to have Zach and Lily dress as the stylish little shmodels that they are, these moms would need to create a unique collection of their own.

The entire range has been inspired by Zach and Lily and created by both moms. After months of being creative, learning about each product, uncontrollable laughter that lead to tears more often than not and unforgettable memories, 'Zach & Lily' was born!

Passionate mommies bringing you timeless, locally manufatured fashion. Join us as we unfold our stylish little garments for our unique and special little humans who fill our hearts with so much joy each day!